SXSW 2015 CRWN: Meet Big Sean, The Life Coach

Lessons learned at SXSW CRWN from the rapper and man known as Big Sean

Big Sean is a softie at heart. Though the Detroit rapper flexes his aggressive side on various sixteens in his catalog (his single "I Don't Fuck With You" has become the new middle finger), he's still the same scrawny kid born Sean Anderson, who isn't shy about being a momma and grandmomma's boy. While growing up in the hood, lil' Sean was quickly realizing his hip-hop dreams at 12 years old, spitting family-friendly bars.

"I used to rap about not having sex and not doing drugs," Sean told OG journalist Elliott Wilson at SXSW's CRWN on Wednesday (March 18). "That was before I had sex and did drugs."

Sean will put it bluntly many times over the course of the hour-long live interview: he's trying to be a better man and "boss up" (his favorite phrase). He sets out to accomplish this by pushing out documentary-esque clips with titles like "Patience," "Love" and the aww-inducing "Family." He even revealed having his own life coach.

But on this sunny Wednesday in Austin, Texas, Big Sean made like Tony Robbins, becoming an impromptu life coach for the festival-goers in attendance. After being raised by women who acted as "men of the family," Sean is already a family man-in-training, especially when he gushes about his little niece and nephews inspiring his work ethic in the booth (his niece was in the studio when Sean laid down "Deep," he says). Still, amidst his uncensored catchphrases like "Ho, shut the fuck up," Big Sean has gems to share, if you listen closely.

Here are seven life lessons Big Sean dished out at CRWN:

1. "When you put something out into the universe, you should never cancel it out."

2. "Last year, Detroit was a billion dollars in debt but throughout it all, we maintained a level of support ... You gotta boss up when times get too hard and figure it out.”

3. "When I say 'Little bitch,' it could be a guy. I'm not misogynistic. There's dudes out here who bitchin' more than anybody."

4. "I don't fuck with that [negativity]. I just stay focused and keep happy. Everything I do is for the sole purpose of being happy. Motherfuckin' billionaires who committed suicide, movie stars been depressed. Success isn't the term of how hard you work. There's a misconception that society has put on us since we were babies. You gotta work really hard. There's someone who works for an hour who makes more than we all do. There's someone who works 20 hours a day who rides a bus."

5. "It's about energy. Where your happiness is, you vibrate on a whole different level in a whole different way."

6. "I know what it's like to be up. I know what it's like to be down. I'm not scared of that shit."

7. "My next goals are to keep being a better person and help spread information I learned, help making music that inspires and excites people, gets people going from "IDFWU" to "Blessings" to "Outro" to "One Man Can Change The World." Help encourage people. We all deserve to be millionaires, billionaires, to be happy. I just want people to know you can have it. God wants us to be happy and I wanna keep getting that message out."

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Dave East Speaks On Collaborative Project With Nipsey Hussle

In a recent interview with Revolt TV, Harlem rapper Dave East revealed that he and Nipsey Hussle were working on a project before his untimely death. East said he first met Hussle through their gang affiliation so their relationship was deeper than rap.

"I’m from the [Rolling] 30s [Harlem Crips]," East said. "That’s how we met. I love Nip to death and I’m going to put on for Nip until my death."

In addition to this collaborative project, East is also working on releasing his major-label debut album, Survival, where he tributed a song to Hussle.

"I went mad personal and I wrapped it up with a tribute to my boy," he said about the album’s finishing touch. "Once I said what I said to Nip, I was like, ‘We’re good.’"

According to East, the album nearly approached full-length territory. “We were six songs in," East said. "We were planning a tour and all of that. F**k rap. I’m going to keep it 100. That was my ni**a. Anything we did together or anytime I had to be around that ni**a, I cherish it.”

“It’s wack he went out like that. That ni**a’s a king. Kings ain’t supposed to go out like that. But, that’s the world we’re living in,” he continued. “It’s wack he went out like that, but it sharpened me and a million other ni**as up. He went out like a G."

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Patrick Day stands in his corner before his fight against Elvin Ayala during their junior middleweight fight at Madison Square Garden on October 27, 2018 in New York City
Al Bello/Getty Images

Boxer Patrick Day Dies From Traumatic Brain Injury After Knockout

On Wednesday (Oct. 16), junior middleweight boxer Patrick Day died from traumatic brain injuries set on by a recent knockout, ESPN reports. During Saturday's bout against Charles Conwell (Oct. 12), Day suffered a trio of destructive blows to the head in the tenth round after enduring previous hits in the fourth and eighth rounds. He fell into a coma while being treated at Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Born in Freeport, New York, the 27-year-old not only had pursuits inside of the ring but also on the outside. Day obtained a bachelor's degree in health and wellness from Kaplan University, adding to his associate degree from Nassau Community College for nutrition. In 2006, he embarked on his professional boxing career, taking home the New York Golden Gloves six years later.

"On behalf of Patrick's family, team, and those closest to him, we are grateful for the prayers, expressions of support and outpouring of love for Pat that have been so obvious since his injury," promoter Lou DiBella said in a statement to ESPN. "He was a son, brother, and good friend to many. Pat's kindness, positivity, and generosity of spirit made a lasting impression with everyone he met."

Conwell took to his social media accounts to share his condolences and expressed remorse for how the match ended. "If I could take it all back I would no one deserves for this to happen to them," he wrote. "I replay the fight over and over in my head thinking what if this never happened and why did it happen to you." The undefeated boxer noted he entertained thoughts of quitting boxing but believes Day would want him to continue on in the sport.


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This is my last time speaking on the situation because of this being a sensitive topic not only for his family and friends but for myself and the sport of boxing. Dear Patrick Day, I never meant for this to happen to you. All I ever wanted to do was win. If I could take it all back I would no one deserves for this to happen to them. I replay the fight over and over in my head thinking what if this never happened and why did it happen to you. I can’t stop thinking about it myself I prayed for you so many times and shedded so many tears because I couldn’t even imagine how my family and friends would feel. I see you everywhere I go and all I hear is wonderful things about you. I thought about quitting boxing but I know that’s not what you would want I know that you were a fighter at heart so I decided not to but to fight and win a world title because that’s what you wanted and thats what I want so I’ll use you as motivation every day and make sure I always leave it all in the ring every time. #ChampPatrickDay With Compassion, Charles Conwell

A post shared by Boxings Best Kept Secret 🤫 (@charlesconwell) on Oct 14, 2019 at 3:54pm PDT

The boxing community swiftly expressed their thoughts and prayers for Day's family.

RIP young King Patrick Day All Day! 🙏❤️

— Amanda Serrano 🇵🇷 (@Serranosisters) October 17, 2019

Our deepest condolences to the family, friends and the team of Patrick Day. Rest In Peace Pat.

— Gennadiy Golovkin (@GGGBoxing) October 17, 2019

Another tragic day in our beloved sport. RIP Patrick Day

— Carl Frampton MBE (@RealCFrampton) October 17, 2019

A truly heartbreaking situation...

RIP #PatrickDay & thoughts go out to all his loved ones 🙏 - rest easy champ 💔

— iFL TV™ (@IFLTV) October 17, 2019

R.I.P. to Patrick Day. 27 years old, he had his whole life ahead of him. Rest easy Champ 🖤✊🏽

— Ashley Theophane (@AshleyTheophane) October 16, 2019

Another sad day for the boxing world. Our sincere condolences to the family of Patrick Day 🙏

— MayweatherPromotions (@MayweatherPromo) October 16, 2019

Devastated to hear the news of the passing of Patrick Day.I met him for the first time last Thursday,what a charming young man with a dream and a smile that lit up the room.Our deepest prayers are with his family, his trainer Joe Higgins,Charles Conwell and promoter Lou DiBella🙏

— Eddie Hearn (@EddieHearn) October 16, 2019

Keep lifting up my brother #PatrickDay we need non stop prayers! For him, his family, and the boxing community. This kid is such a blessing and doesn’t deserve this. I haven’t prayed, cried, or tweeted in so long #LetsGoChamp

— Magic Marcus Willis (@MagicMarcusW) October 16, 2019

Rest In Peace.

Patrick Day was always kind, happy and an exceptional good man who was outstandingly passionate about boxing. We will always remember you for all of that.

— World Boxing Council (@WBCBoxing) October 16, 2019

Damn man, Rest easy Patrick Day. Prayers to your friends and family

— Gervonta Davis (@Gervontaa) October 16, 2019

The last North American boxer to die from brain injuries following a match was Kevin Payne in March 2006 after a surgery to treat the impact. According to the NCBI, 20 percent of pro boxers suffer Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury (CTBI). The condition is similar to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) which has been a recurring topic in sports like football and hockey.

"While we already know that boxing and other combat sports are linked to brain damage, little is known about how this process develops and who may be on the path to developing CTE," said Dr. Charles Bernick, a researcher at the Cleveland Clinic said in an American Academy of Neurology, per CBS News.

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Rep. (D-MD) speaks to the media at the University of Baltimore, May 5, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke with members of Congress and faith leaders on Tuesday during a private meeting at the University of Baltimore.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Cory Booker, Al Sharpton And More Remember Rep. Elijah Cummings

Politicians in the Democratic and civil rights space have shared tributes on social media following the passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Cummings died at the age of 68 on Thursday (Oct. 17) from "complications from longstanding health issues," his office told the Associated Press. Bipartisan through and through, Cummings served Maryland's 7th Congressional District from 1996 until his death.

He was remembered on social media by presidential candidates like Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Beto O' Rourke as well as Al Sharpton, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, New York Attorney General Letitia James and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Some shared personal stories about Cummings while others spread some of his most inspirational quotes.

See some of the tributes below.

Rest in Power, Elijah Cummings.

— Franklin Leonard (@franklinleonard) October 17, 2019

A devastating loss for our country.

Chairman Cummings was a giant: a universally respected leader who brought profound insight, commitment, and moral fortitude to Congress.

His guidance and vision was an enormous gift. I will forever cherish his example. May he rest in power.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) October 17, 2019

Just logged on and saw that Elijah Cummings, has gone home to our ancestors.

This is a tremendous loss for his family and our country. We are eternally grateful for your service, Congressman. #RIPElijahCummings

— Alecto AKA Sil Lai Abrams (@Sil_Lai) October 17, 2019

Our country has lost a giant.

Congressman Elijah Cummings was a true leader in our fight for a more fair and just society. A civil rights activist, a dedicated public servant, and a powerful force for good - he left his mark on our communities.

Rest in power, my friend.

— NY AG James (@NewYorkStateAG) October 17, 2019

Our Chairman leaves behind a beautiful and powerful legacy. I am already feeling the impact of a little less grace in the world. Deep gratitude to have spent these early months in Congress guided by his wisdom. Rest in power @RepCummings

— Ayanna Pressley (@AyannaPressley) October 17, 2019

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Rep. Elijah Cummings' passing: "My heart is broken. For his family, for his community, for our country."

— The Hill (@thehill) October 17, 2019

One of the great members of Congress in my lifetime passed away this morning — Elijah Cummings, Democrat of Maryland. He was a fighter for those who weren’t allowed a seat at the table. A strong, powerful voice for…

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) October 17, 2019

What a heavy, heavy heart I have waking to this incredibly sad news.

Today we lost a brave man who has continually stood up for those he served.

The American people will miss his honesty and integrity—and his fight for justice. #RestInPower, my friend

— Yvette D. Clarke (@RepYvetteClarke) October 17, 2019

My statement on the passing of Congressman Elijah Cummings:

— Governor Larry Hogan (@GovLarryHogan) October 17, 2019

We lost one of our best. A son of sharecroppers, who went on to represent one of our greatest cities; a fighter for justice, who always led with love—Rep. Elijah Cummings was everything right about America. He is already missed, but his legacy will be with us forever.

— Beto O'Rourke (@BetoORourke) October 17, 2019

Today our country lost a true leader. Congressman Elijah Cummings was a friend, a passionate fighter for justice, and a powerful voice of moral conscience in our government who served his country for decades with dignity and integrity. I’m blessed to have known him. #RIPElijah

— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) October 17, 2019

Saddened to hear of the passing of a great statesman that I truly admired, US Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland. May he rest in power.

— Reverend Al Sharpton (@TheRevAl) October 17, 2019

My deepest condolences for Rep. Elijah Cummings’ family, friends, and community as they mourn his passing.

He was an honorable man with a deep commitment to our nation and an inspiration too many of us as he fought for what’s right.

May he Rest In Power.

— Rep. Sylvia Garcia (@RepSylviaGarcia) October 17, 2019

@RepCummings will be so deeply missed. His example of courage, leadership and truth telling inspires us all. Rest in power.

— March For Our Lives (@AMarch4OurLives) October 17, 2019

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