Tink Has A Special Song For All The Ratchets Out There

You’re going to need to pay more attention to Timbaland’s secret weapon, Tink. The bubbling Chicago artist—who balances showing off her rap and singing prowess effortlessly—has no problem dishing out the real deal in her songs.

On her new song “Ratchet Commandments,” she calls out the people that are doing too much but not enough of what they need to be doing.

“If your rent due, get the f*ck out the club,” she spits while verbally wagging her finger at Instagram attention seekers and irresponsible lusters.

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Over Timbo’s beats, Tink lets her flow really go to work, proving she has just as much bite as she has bark.

“But niggas lying on their money like every day,” she raps, “And niggas ratchet too, just in another way/Fake fathers never helped your daughters/Never had a conversation you’re too fucking immature to get an occupation.”

Damn. Press play on the track below.