Tink And Timbaland Teach The ‘Ratchet Commandments’ (Video)

The countdown for Tink’s “Ratchet Commandments” video is finally over. While Timbaland’s new artist takes us through the different scenarios of the definition of RATCHET, the singer/rapper flips the the word into a statement of empowerment.

Tink preaches about the no-good deeds of this generation of men and women and their obsession with social media, promiscuity, hate, and lies. The 19-year-old rapper/singer raps, “I thought we had some young queens, what you mean? We act belligerent, generation of ignorance, B***** live for the ‘Gram, so they life ain’t got no significance”

The visual for this single takes us through a journey that both men and women can relate to. Take a look, and enjoy the theatrics — and choreography in Tink’s new video.