Trinidad James Goes On CNN To Discuss The N-Word

Trinidad James’ song “All Gold Everything” has circled its way back into the media lately, and it’s all because of the infamous N-word.  With the recent footage of Beauton Gilbow, the house mom of Oklahoma University’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon — chanting the song and repeating the N-word in a Vine video — it’s no surprise controversy is coming with it.

James went on CNN last night (Mar 16) to argue the usage of the word with Don Lemon, Marc Lamont Hill and Ben Ferguson. And Ferguson was very vocal about on how often rappers use the term.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Ferguson told James. “I think you know that we should probably get rid of the n-word, but in reality, I think many rappers are afraid they will lose out on money and sales and street cred if they don’t stop using the word.”

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The Atlanta rapper then went on to respond to Ferguson’s remark arguing that the word has nothing to do with how he makes his money.

“I’m making money off of doing music and being creative, sir,” James said. “I’m not making money just because I use the n-word. Nobody goes to buy an album because it’s full of the n-word.”

But the feud did not stop there. Ferguson later went onto to say the real reason why James was even on CNN was because of his usage of the word in the first place.

Despite the squabble the two had, it is worth noting that when the “Work” rapper spoke with CNN last week, he said he does not blame Ms.Gilbow for using the word, but instead is just disappointed at the fraternity for using it.

“It’s a rock and a hard place,” James said. “ I can’t be as upset at that lady. I’m upset at the fraternity because what they’re saying is a chant that’s just completely disrespectful to the black race. As far as that lady goes – man, that’s an old lady, man. Let that lady be. I’m not going to be that person.”

Watch the full exchange above and below. – Richy Rosario