Flex Zone: Meet Hollywood Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins has been changing the world, one body at a time. As the personal trainer to many of Hollywood’s elite including Kelly Rowland (they have a Sexy Abs DVD), Shonda Rhimes and Alicia Keys, the Canada-bred fitness guru has also racked up 18 international certifications in nutrition and training.

Her sunny demeanor and megawatt smile also strengthen her brand. As founder and President of The Hollywood Trainer, Jenkins wears her humility like Dri-Fit and has amassed enough muscle to power through any obstacle. Here, we tapped Jenkins for her keys to success, gym bag necessities and tips on flipping a negative attitude into a positive.

My position in one sentence:
I help people improve the quality of their lives.

My blueprint for success:
The first has to be your faith. You have to have a strong relationship with God. Also, take time in understanding what your gifts are and find a way to monetize them. They are your gifts but you’re allowed to make an income. (Laughs) Find a way to do it on a non-profit basis as well. You want to have a successful business and offer what you do for millions but also be the Peter Pan sometimes. You have to know when to wear the hat of the business woman (or man) and when to put on the hat of the guardian angel. I also believe you need to have constant education. There’s always something else you can learn. Always stay humble and open your mind into learning new things.

On showing your worth and discussing money:
The first thing is recognize [your] own worth. If you can’t recognize your values then other people aren’t going to recognize them either. You have to be able to really understand how to strategize your worth. If you start out in a profession where you’re getting paid by other companies, you have to know what the rates are for what you do for a living, and then you have to do whatever is necessary to elevate [your skills]. You have to honestly assess yourself. Just don’t pull [a number] out of the sky; really look at your skill set, your education and what it is you have to offer so that when it is time for you to be hired for a job, your skill set will shine so much that it adds value to that team. I hire assistants to work with me and I always tell them constantly, ‘Do something for me that I don’t have to source out and you will always be valuable to me.’

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Female mentors who have pushed me to succeed:
A lot of my mentors don’t even know they’re my mentors, like Shonda [Rhimes] and Mara [Brock Akil]. I stay completely professional, show up to their sessions and do my job as a trainer so I don’t ever intrude on their sessions with my personal questions. I don’t believe in bothering people with things I can figure out on my own. That’s business 101: you gotta do the research yourself. As far as mentors, I’m inspired by so many people from afar. The push has to come internally. My biggest motivation is my desire to see a project from beginning to end and never quit.

Morning routine:
I usually have a client at 6am so my morning routine is get up, have a cup of green tea, meditate and just hit the day, running.

I’m still working on my ______:
My compassion.

My current favorite workout songs:
Rae Sremmurd “Throw Sum Mo” and J. Cole’s “G.O.M.D.”

Favorite show to binge on:
I’m torn between Scandal and Being Mary Jane.

My gym bag necessities:
I always have to have clean workout clothes, face wash, make-up and a bottle of Fiji water.

My antidote for un-creativity:
Do it anyways. There’s many times where I’ll schedule a shoot with one of my assistants to create more pictures of me working out or doing motivational things and I don’t feel like doing it. What I have found is that no work is wasted. If you get off your ass and do it anyways, even if you don’t feel like it, something bigger comes from it. Don’t accept the rut. Push it anyway.

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