Vixen Boombox: Amber-Simone’s “I’m Feeling High”

R&B revolutionary Amber-Simone is debuting her new single, “I’m Feeling High.”

The UK artist draws inspiration from Michael Jackson and Prince, and features longtime collaborators The ThundaCatz (Jessie J, Professor Green) on the track. Along with creative lyrics, the 18 year-old showcases her strong and unique vocals, giving listeners a bit of a 90s vibe. Amber-Simone also takes a step back from the typical love song and takes you into an almost euphoric state of listening.

After drawing critical acclaim from the likes of other outlets like Complex, Hunger and First Ear along with reaching the top spot on the Hype Machine Charts, we can expect Amber’s soon-to-be-released EP to be nothing short of amazing. Check out Amber’s single “I’m Feeling High” right here.

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