Vixen Vent: Why Is Model Winnie Harlow Not The Face Of High Fashion, Yet?

Thank you America’s Next Top Model for introducing the world to the exclusive face of Winnie Harlow. The 19-year-old is not only the epitome of rare beauty but a social icon for women who believe there are no such things as imperfections.

Winnie, real name Chantelle Brown-Young, was diagnosed with vitiligo, where lack of melanin causes white patches to form on skin, at the age of four. Though she was cruelly teased growing up, she overcame it all and now describes herself as the “Vitiligo Spokesmodel” on Instagram. The beauty has walked for Ashish’s show in London, Desigual’s show in Barcelona and has landed the starring role of Deisel’s spring campaign. 2015 has been the year of Winnie and her career deserves more.

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Some of the top high fashion designers like Chanel, Balmain and Givenchy (just to name a few) could benefit for a face like Winnie’s. Winnie could give them edge, class, exclusivity and a face that is relatable. Many runway models are not relatable to the consumer. The consumer wants to be able to truly believe, “That looks amazing on the model, it will look good on me too.” Winnie can give them that!

Runway is starting to become cliche and models like Winnie Harlow could absolutely change the game. Consumers would start to believe that designers are making clothes for them and not just one class of people. I beg to differ that sales would improve as well (just throwing out some marketing advice).

Winnie teaches women that its ok not to be perfect. In fact, your imperfections are just rare beauties and can be used to your benefit. I can speak on behalf of many women, Winnie Harlow should become the new face of high-fashion.

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