Jerry Seinfeld Drops Knowledge On Marriage To Wale In ‘The Matrimony’ Ep. 1

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You may never really be ready for marriage, according to Jerry Seinfield, but you commit to Wale’s The Album About Nothing next week. In preparation, the masses receive a proposal nice treasure from Wale and Jerry Seinfield’s original series “The Matrimony,” where Jerry is dropping gems on the roller coaster of marriage, the reality of growth, and the expectation of truly “being ready.”

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“When you were a kid, you parents seemed like they were ready to do this. But when you have kids, you realize they weren’t and I’m not either and no one is,” he tells the inquisitive MMG rapper. “But there’s not enough time. Ideally, if you could live to be 200, by about 130 you’d be like ‘Okay, I think I know enough now to do this.’ But life is too short.”

In the clip we are exposed to the very laid-back and inquisitive dynamic between Wale and Jerry where the two are comfortably exchanging words in the studio. Luckily for us, the down-to-earth tone of the conversation is just a sneak peak into what’s to come between the comedian and wordsmith.

Watch Jerry Seinfeld school Wale on marriage in the video below. – Olivia Jade Khoury