Premiere: Willie Evans Jr. Reveals Moya Moya Set From Side B Of ‘The Love Circle’

There are a few things that make an MC nice: delivery, content, voice, swag and beats, to name a few. In fact, a banging backdrop can make a spitter sound nicer than he really is. So for all you instrumental lovers out there, High Water Music and Willie Evans Jr. dropped The Love Circle beat tape by trio Moya Moya, which means ‘a puff of smoke” in Japanese.

Here, the head-knocking instrumentalists rock out, in what appears to be their basement, for more than nine minutes. The live footage was snatched up by Evans as the drummer and electric guitar players spazz out.

Warning: The set is so nice that you’ll unconsciously wait for someone to spit a fire sixteen.

The Love Circle can be purchased here. Peep the footage above.