Wisconsin Police Kill 19-Year-Old Black Man

As tensions and sensitivities surrounding the “Black Lives Matter” movement remain high, another young black male has died at the hands of law enforcement. Tony Robinson, 19, was killed after an altercation with police officers in Wisconsin on Friday (Mar. 6), Madison Police Chief Mike Koval confirmed to the Wisconsin State Journal.

As demonstrators gathered around the scene, questions regarding the incident remained unanswered at the time of the report. According to authorities, officers were responding to a battery, receiving word that a man was creating a safety hazard in traffic. After following the suspect into an apartment, he allegedly assaulted the officers.

“The officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject,” Koval said, confirming that multiple shots were fired.

Police did not confirm whether Robinson had been armed or not. Officers reportedly administered first aid to Robinson, who died at a nearby hospital thereafter. Robinson’s family described him as “gentle,” and questioned why officers neglected to use their tasers. they are also encouraging residents to maintain a peaceful protest. They have reportedly not been allowed to see his body, according to NBC News.

Robinson recently graduated from Sun Prairie High School, and was expected to attend Milwaukee Area Technical College.