Looks Like Wiz Khalifa Is Not Familiar With Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

Apparently, the “Taylor” in Taylor Gang does not stand for Taylor Swift.

During Wiz Khalifa’s latest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the rapper participated in a game of “Catchphrase” with Fallon and actors Miles Teller and Jim Parsons. Partnering up with the Teller, Wiz was on a hot streak of sorts – until the phrase he had to guess was Swift’s (major hit that was damn-near everywhere) “Shake It Off.” Wearing the most bewildered look imaginable, Wiz literally could not name the pop star’s colossal record, until given a clue about a salt shaker.

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Fortunately for Teller, that was the only Taylor Swift-related phrase, which led the duo to beat out Fallon and Parsons – who hilariously did not recognize the “running man” dance – for the win. Without a doubt, this will surely be the most awkward four-minutes of your day.

Watch Wiz Khalifa draw blank when it comes to Taylor Swift in the video above.