VIBE Weed Week: A Guide To The Best Legal Weed In Denver

VIBE took a trip out to Denver and sampled the best legal weed in town. 

When it comes to Marijuana in America, California has long been the reigning champ as the state with the best green. Known for not only growing the best herb, the left coast has also been an innovator in pot technology. However, there's a new contender coming into the picture -- and that state is Colorado.

As Denver became the first city to promote the use of recreational weed, pot growers, connoisseurs, experts and major players in the bud industry flocked to the town to set up shop. While not every city and county in C.O. has legalized weed, the tax revenue acquired by Denver exceeded millions in 2014, so don't be surprised to see others following suit very soon.

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To test the goods out for ourselves, VIBE headed down to Denver's annual Cannabis Cup this past weekend and sampled some of the best herbs in town. From a scale of 1 through 10, with the latter being the best, we ranked some of the best weed in town.

Strain: Stardawg Guava

High Rating: 7. This strain has a potent high but it's not harsh on the throat at all. There's a slight fruity flavor but don't let the name fool you. Medical patients use it to help stress, fatigue, and anxiety disorders.

Best Paired With: A water bong and strawberry smoothie.

Strain: Kosher Kush

High: 9. Now this is what Denver is all about. Even experienced smokers should be satisfied with Kosher Kush. The high is extremely strong and there's a sweet taste that only makes you want to roll another one. Not for the novice smokers.

Best Paired With: Raw Papers and a tall glass of chilled Fiji water.

Strain: Ghost OG

High: 8. This is definitely a taste of L.A. in Denver. The buzz hits you hard, and it smells just like the Cali homegrown. Smoke too much of this and a long nap is in your future.

Best Paired With: A Swisher sweet and a can of ginger ale

Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

High: 9. Berner from The Taylor Gang helped make this strain popular a few years ago, and the whole weed industry proceeded to follow suit. Although, there's been a ton of bootleggers who slang sub-par "cookies," the real thing is definitely a top 5 strain. Denver delivered with this one. Taking a hit literally tastes like your biting into a Girl Scout Cookie.

Best Paired With: Raw Papers and whole milk.

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Strain: FLO

High: 6 The high wasn't too strong with Flo, so this good for a novice smoker. There's a mild smoke as well that should be easy on the throat. This is pretty standard stuff here.

Best Paired With: EZ-Widers and Peach iced tea.

Strain: Deadhead

High: 8. The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia would be proud of this one. Deadhead packs a punch and provides a long lasting, heavy high. It's a cousin of the ever popular OG Kush.

Best Paired With: Vaporizer and chai tea.

Strain: Purple Dreams

High: 9. Don't be fooled by all purple weed. There's a myth that purple in your bud automatically means it's high quality. Wrong. That color could be mold so beware. However, Denver's Purple Dreems is everything -- and some. It gives you a very clear headed high and tastes like heaven.

Best Paired With: Raw Papers and Welch's grape.

Strain: Juicy Fruit Thai

High: 7. This exotic sounding strain was a pleasant surprise. The high is definitely suitable for novice and amateur smokers. Professional THC users will love the way this mixes with crumble and bubble hash.

Best Paired With: A small bowl and a 5-pack of Juicy fruit gum.

Strain: Lemon Skunk

High: 7. The slight citrus taste will grab smokers of all experience levels. It does produce a pretty stoney high so be careful if you have a lot to do before smoking.

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Best Paired With: A Vanilla dutch and Simply Lemonade.

Strain: Caviar

High: 10 out of 10. This is hands down the best weed you can smoke in Denver. Not including the oils, wax, extracts, etc., the keef covered chunks will have you in a different world. Warning: not for newbies.

Best Paired With: Your bed.



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