Big Tings A Gwan: Barack Obama Visits Jamaica And Does Spot On Patois Impersonation


Did you hear that? It’s the sound of Yardies worldwide rejoicing at President Obama’s patois impersonation.

Number 44 landed in Kingston, Jamaica Thursday (April 9) to take part in a summit alongside 15 Caribbean leaders. Potus, who is a huge Bob Marley fan (as he should be) made a surprise visit to the Reggae legend’s home to tour the museum housing all his and Tuff Gong paraphernalia

Before speaking to a crowd of people, the president did his best “Wha Gwan”, which resulted in all kinds of jump and wave from yardies everywhere.

As a Jamaican myself, I couldn’t help but be proud to see my president mingle with people from my home.


Watch the vine below.