Charles Hamilton Admits Jitters Jumping Back Into The Music Industry


Charles Hamilton is making a come back and while everyone is excited about the new tracks coming our way, he opened up to XXL about being nervous as he steps back on scene.

After going through a dark period during 2010 and 2011, landing in and out of jail and psychiatric hospitals and being dropped from Interscope Records, Hamilton cleaned up his act and returned to the music in October 2014. In February, he signed a new deal with Republic Records and has also made a cameo appearance with Rita Ora in the brand new hit series, Empire.

Hamilton explained his decision to join Republic, saying it came about because he had put out a lot of free music for “the people” and it was time to do something for himself. Republic, he says, reminded him of songs he had long forgotten about, which excited him even more.

“They reminded me of songs that I had forgotten,” Hamilton said. “So I was honored that they had listened to my music and they understood my perspective. And when they listened to the new music, they were very excited.”

Hamilton says that getting back into the studio has made him focus on the music of today to adapt to a new sound, especially after going from recording in private studios to becoming reacquainted with big studios. “I’ve been working with different producers just trying to come up with an innovative yet musical style that would be accepted by the masses,” he said about his new sound. “Not so much pop, but my sound has been very underground, so this sound is more polished and pristine.”

While we’re all awaiting some more new music after his collab with Rita Ora in “New York Raining,” he says there is much to expect from his new tracks such as “Grade-A lyricism and a lot of progressive instrumentals.”

“These beats are truly a testament to my musicianship. It’s truly refreshing. It’s not as bleak as my older beats; it’s not as dark.”

Hamilton ends his interview by saying that while he is nervous about returning, he has hopes of inspiring kids and encouraging them to be a bit more musical. “I’m just nervous about getting back on the scene,” he says. “I don’t know what’s changed. All I know is that I’m still me. I’m still growing. I’ve grown a lot from 2008. I’ve grown a lot from last year and I can’t wait for people to hear the growth. Hopefully, I can inspire the same kids who I steered away from suicide and drug abuse to pick up an instrument.”

One thing for sure is we’re glad to have you back, Charles. Read the full feature here.

Photo Credit: Instagram