Coachella By The Numbers: A Recap Of The Fest’s Most Trending Topics


It’s hard not to think about Coachella 2015 without reminiscing (or simply trying to forget) that infamous kiss Madonna and Drake shared on stage. But to commemorate this historical (and slightly nauseating) moment—and many others that to our fortune aren’t as cringeworthy but rather amusing—we’re taking to Twitter. VIBE has compiled a list of the most tweeted Coachella moments and mentions found on your timeline by some of your favorite celebs and tweeps all around the world.

According to the team at Twitter, these are some of Twitter’s most famed tweets, mentions and hashtags. So in case you missed them on your Twitter feed, here are some to catch you up. Thank us later.

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Let’s start with the obvious Drake and Madonna lipuation in which prompted Piers Morgan to create quite the Twitter Frenzy:

But Drizzy and Madonna were not the only trending topic. Here are some of Coachella’s other performers and fans who presided over your timelines.

And while Coachella took place in the small town of Indio Valley, CA, that didn’t stop the rest of the world from tuning in. Here is a list of the top ten countries who had conversations about the music festival through tweets and mentioned either one of these hashtags: #Coachella or #Coachella2015

1. United States
2. Thailand
3. Brazil
4. Mexico
5. France
6. United Kingdom
7. Argentina
8. Canada
9. Saudi Arabia
10. Philippines

And what about Coachella’s most talked about moments and performances? Here you go…

1. Tame Impala Performs
2. Este Haim joins Hozier on stage
3. Drake and Madonna kiss during performance
4. Run the Jewels on stage
5. Porter Robinson debuts a remix of NERO’S “The Thrill”

But there was no denying Hip Hop’s presence in Coachella was blatant on and off stage and inside Twitter embeds. Here’s what we’ve collected from the most emerging artists tweet list from top to bottom: FKA Twigs, Run the Jewels, Kygo and Action Bronson.

And the most emerging artists goes as follows (from top to bottom): Tyler, the Creator, Drake, The Weeknd and Jack White.

Despite how much fan fare (or shade) Coachella artists got through Twitter, they also did a good job at endorsing the event through the site as well. Peep the Biebs and more below.

And last but not least to get you more acquainted with the Coachella lingo here are some of the words that were  popular at the festival.