Diddy’s The Hitmen Production Team Inducts A New Member: Kanye West

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Diddy’s “The Hitmen” production team is back with a new member.

“What You Want” by Total and Ma$e, “Real Love (Remix)” by Mary J. Blige, and Notorious B.I.G. – do these ring a bell? If so, you should be on game about the strings, synths and drums behind these staple tracks. Back in the ’90s, Diddy housed a collective of Bad Boy producers that worked on tracks together to create grandiose moments in hip-hop and R&B music, leading to 21 platinum and gold records.

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Fortunately for us, there’s new music being thrown into the cosmos. Diddy took to Instagram this weekend (Apr. 18) to announce the return of this powerhouse production group. Along with Diddy, the OG members coming back to take over include Chucky Thompson, Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie, Steven “Stevie J” Jordan, Mario Winans, Nashiem Myrick,

Did we mention the 2015 Hitmen includes Mr. Kanye West? With the return of the Hitmen and Kanye West on the team, one can only imagine the magic that’s to happen in Diddy’s house for the near future.

Ladies and gentlemen I’m pleased to announce that I am back behind the board! I got the hitman with [email protected] @iammariowinans @[email protected] @lvizual DDOT , NASHIEM & the newest member of the hitman KANYE WEST #BREAKINGNEWS#Everythingisgoingtobealright #MMM

The first project can expect is MMM (Making Money Mitch), Diddy’s first album since 2010. Watch his announcement below. – Olivia Jade Khoury