The ’90s According To Drake: A Brief History Of The Rapper’s Throwback Samples


No need for BuzzFeed lists to remind us that the ’90s were the shit. In over 15 years since the beloved decade, we’ve experienced the inventions of the iPhone, donuts and croissants’ love-child, and the Lakers winning five NBA championships in the span of a decade. With trends evaporating as fast as tweets, the ’90s love just won’t let up, and perhaps, there’s no bigger fan of the era than Drake.

Since his rap game arrival in 2009 with the mixtape So Far Gone, The Boy has frequently incorporated throwbacks from the ’90s to complete his sound, often engineered by his main producer and best bro, Noah “40” Shebib. From Aaliyah to Jodeci to UGK to Whitney Houston, here’s a compiled list of Drake’s most prevalent samples from the ’90s.—Jameel Raeburn (@MeelzTV)

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