Drake Forks Over $6,000 To The Game Over Kentucky Final Four Loss


Drake’s fandom for the University of Kentucky Wildcats cost him a cool $6,000 last night. As the undefeated NCAA team-to-beat took their first – and most soul-crushing – “L” to the Wisconsin Badger last night (Apr. 4), Drizzy’s pockets took a (very slight) loss as well.

Betting against The Game in the Final Four matchup, Drake rode with his team, while the Compton native employed some If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late banter to share his very simple reasons to bet against the “6 God:”

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Taking the loss like a champ, Drake posted an Instagram pic of his own, congratulating the Wildcats on their stellar season, and The Game for achieving a rare feat:

Something tells us Drake won’t miss that $6,000, so all is still well in The 6.