Erick Sermon Doesn’t See Room For Transgender Rappers In Hip Hop Just Yet


Erick Sermon recently revealed that he thinks there’s no room for transgender people in hip-hop. In an interview with TMZ, the “React” rapper said that hip-hop culture is not ready to be pushed so forward, when asked about Bruce Jenner’s recent coming out.

“I think they taking the culture too far,” he professed. “Hip hop is a sport for men and women who represent the culture, and not some other people trying to do something else.”

Sermon, however, did allude to saying that some unnamed members of the hip-hop community are close to “that” whatever “that” is. “The way the world is going you never know because you have some rappers who are close to that,” he said.

Watch the full interview above where he also offers his sentiments on Michael Sam’s sexuality and the likelihood of the NFL drafting him because of it.