‘Jurassic World’ Gets Even Bigger In New Global Trailer


When trying to contain a massive dinosaur on a killing spree, Chris Pratt is the only one to get the job down.

In the latest global trailer for Jurassic World, Pratt plays the velociraptor whisperer, Owen Grady, after the Indominus Rex (a.k.a. D-Rex) and her fellow dinos wreak havoc on Isla Nublar, sending the 20,000 people trapped on the island theme park into a frenzy.

As the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, World switches up the production team with Steven Spielberg as executive producer and Colin Trevorrow in the director’s seat. Still, the struggle with prehistoric beasts is real.

Brace yourselves when Jurassic World opens June 12.