WNBA President Laurel Richie and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis

The Perfect Storm: Four Minutes With UConn's Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis After The 2015 WNBA Draft

Get (more) familiar with No. 3 WNBA draft pick Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis in four minutes

Get (more) familiar with No. 3 WNBA draft pick Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis in four minutes

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis is a beauty and a beast. After winning the 2015 NCAA National Championship with her UConn squad, the resident Huskie also set a record this season after nailing 393 three-pointers last month. Blessings continue to follow Mosqueda-Lewis, who was picked up by the Seattle Storm during last night's WNBA Draft (April 16). The Connecticut forward called up VIBE for a quick chat on her new home in the league, pre-game playlist and the accomplishment she is most proud of.

VIBE: Congratulations on a super successful draft tonight! What are some of the emotions going through your mind right now?
Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis: Thank you very much. Every emotion is still going through me. I'm definitely happy to be going to Seattle, definitely happy to be closer to my family, and be a part of the Seattle organization.

Did you have any special pre-draft day rituals?
No, besides not getting any sleep and a little bit of hyperventilating. That’s about it. I was just really nervous and excited at the same time. I really didn’t know where I was going to be.

How do you keep your energy level up when you’re constantly playing on the road?
I’ve learned to get to know my body, making sure that I take care of it after [a game] with an ice bath or getting a massage. Also, definitely staying hydrated all the time and just making sure that I'm constantly thinking about how I can recover my body.

Your curly hair looks flawless, even when putting in work on the court. What’s the secret?
Thank you. I got to make sure my bun looks really well every game so I just try to make sure I have the right amount of curls. You can’t have too many but you gotta show the curls a little bit.

I hear your a fan of Migos. What are some tunes that get you pumped up?
Some of the tunes are "Freak No More" by Migos, "Trap Queen" [by Fetty Wap]. It’s not necessarily the words but the beat will get me. I’m a fan of old school, too, so sometimes I have to go to [House of Pain's] “Jump Around” or Montell Jordan.

You just capped off an amazing season, recently wrapping 142 games at UConn. What’s been the most rewarding accomplishment this year?
The best accomplishment was being able to win the championship my senior year. It was definitely the way I always envisioned myself going out and the way that I always wanted to. It was kind of a perfect ending to a great career at UConn.

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