Kendrick Lamar Talks Survivor’s Guilt, Depression And The Dangers of Lucy


While fans continue to enjoy Kendrick Lamar’s latest musical offering, To Pimp A Butterfly, the 27-year-old Compton native is also battling depression, suicidal thoughts and a host of other inner demons that come from success.

In a four-part interview with MTV, Rob Markman sits down with K.Dot to discuss the inspiration and fine details of his latest number one album. Despite Markman and Lamar’s friendship, the seasoned MTV journalist didn’t hesitate to ask the TDE artist tough questions, including being able to be a voice for his generation but not being able to help prevent his teenage sister’s pregnancy.

Kendrick, who recently revealed what was going to be the title for TPAB,  talks about the spirituality of “How Much A Dollar Cost” and the inspiration behind “Alright” along with how he fights the dangers of Lucy.

Watch the first part above and to see the other three click HERE