First Look: Kevin Hart And The Rock Mean Business In ‘Central Intelligence’


In an unofficial battle of the sizes, little funny man Kevin Hart and brolic wrestler-turned-movie-star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are tag teaming for their upcoming flick, Central Intelligence.

According to an initial report from Variety:

The story begins with a class reunion approaching, as a former high school sports star turned accountant (Hart) is contacted by a classmate (Johnson) who was bullied and humiliated back in the day. The “loser” that the accountant remembers is now a CIA contract killer who ropes him into helping foil a plot to sell classified military secrets.

Hart recently shared a photo of the two “hardest workers in Hollywood” from the set, revealing that production for the buddy-action film has begun.

The Rock reposted the photo, adding in his caption, “Me and brotha @kevinhart4real and our director @rawsonthurber have been puttin’ in work 24/7 to create an action comedy duo unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in movies. We’re fired up to make this movie for y’all and bring ya something very entertaining, dope and global. Ladies and gentlemen I give to you the often imitated, but never duplicated. The one.. the friend, “The Golden Jet”. And me… I’m just Bob. #AndIDontLikeBullies #CentralIntelligence #GetReadyWorld #ManSquad #NowGetDownDammitBeforeYouFallOnMe SUMMER 2016.”