Kim Kardashian Was Too ‘Pornographic’ To Be Printed In An Israeli Newspaper


While Kim Kardashian may get her photo taken millions of times all over the world, there’s a group of people who wish to erase her entire existence. The Ultra-Orthodox Jewish website, Kikar HaShabbat, posted a photo of Kanye and Kim with Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat while they visited the holy land, but the publication posted a copy of a receipt over Kim, blocking her from view.

An editor from the site says Kim represents a “pornographic symbol” which they want to keep away from their viewers, even though Kim looks downright homely in the original photo. If that wasn’t insulting enough, in the article she’s only referred to as “Kanye’s wife” instead of her name.

No explanation has been clear as to why Kanye was not equally removed from the photo (given his own bodily exposure and explicit lyricism). Guess Kim can’t be loved by all.

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Sapir Peles/AP