Instead Of A Turn-Up, Master P Is Honoring The Lives Of Slain Youth For His Birthday


It’s a scary time to be a young man or woman in America right now. Every other week there’s a new social media hashtag, roadside memorial, spray painted t-shirt or R.I.P. Facebook page popping up because the children of our communities are losing their lives to senseless violence. It doesn’t natter if it stems from gang activities, excessive police force or a “wrong place, wrong time” scenario; the sadness remains the same.

Master P understands that due to the constant presence violence in urban communities, some children may never get to his age, let alone past their twenties. Tomorrow (Apr. 29), the established rapper will turn the big 4-5, which is grounds for celebration. However, instead of popping bottles and cutting cake, he’ll go the more solemn route and honor the lives of slain youth.

He made the announcement via Instagram:

Master P aka Percy Miller will have a Candle lighting celebration for his birthday for kids that have lost their lives and gone through violent crimes. The Hip Hop mogul turns 45-years-young on Wednesday, April 29, 2015, “It is not about me its about Letting The Kids Grow, so many kids are dying young, I come from the Ghetto, I changed my life, we are going to use this Birthday to bringing awareness to kids that have lost their lives due to senseless crimes. We need to stop Killing our Future, they are blessings, it’s not about getting presents its about making some kids smile that have been through a lot that’s the best gift for me”.

It’s good to know their legacies will be kept alive in such a noble way.

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