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Left Eye was known to rock extra baggy clothes in her early years. Here she is wearing an oversized Wu Tang Clan sweater.
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Check Your Vernacular: VIBE Staff's Favorite Left Eye Lines

In honor of Left Eye's lyrical legacy, VIBE recalls their favorite lines from the feisty lyricist

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was undoubtedly a musical visionary. The feisty lyricist, who ascended to fame with one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, TLC, became a magnet for adoration with her knack for flavorful and outspoken wordplay along with an eclectic fashion sense that redefined "cool."

Today (April 25) marks the thirteenth anniversary of Left Eye's untimely death in 2002. In honor of her lyrical legacy, the VIBE staff recalls their favorite bars from her below.

"U Know What's Up" - Donell Jones feat. Left Eye 

"Don't let another one get near me if you wanna be true/
And show me that nobody else can do it better than you/
So if you serious, I'm curious to see what you got/
My love is furious, cuz I believe in blowin' up spots"
– Datwon Thomas, Editor-In-Chief



"L.I.S.A." - Left Eye

"Just to make it in the world and go against all odds/
Come from the gritty inner city to a superstar/
Number one hits consistently for ten long years/
Put my soul in every project, my blood, sweat and my tears"
– Mikey Fresh, Music Editor


 "No Scrubs (Remix)" - TLC

"Satisfy my appetite with something spectacular/
Check your vernacular and then I get back to ya/
With diamond-like precision, insatiable is what I envision"

– Adelle Platon, Associate Editor 

"See if you can't spatially expand my horizon/
Then that leaves you in a class with scrubs never risin'/
I don't find it surprising/
If you don't have the g's/
To please me and bounce from here to the coast to overseas"

– Ashley Monae, Contributing Writer

"Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Ya)" - *NSYNC feat. Left Eye 

"Boom and never let you try to stop me/
Born to fly sky high up to the top see/
Nothing to fear, no doubts and no tears /
Millennium sound to motivate the future years"

 Christine Imarenezor, Social Managing Editor 

"Waterfalls" - TLC 

"Dreams are hopeless aspirations in hopes of coming true/
Believe in yourself, the rest is up to me and you"

–Iyana Robertson, News Editor

"Is it because my life is ten shades of gray/
I pray all ten fade away/
Seldom praise Him for the sunny days"

– Stacy-Ann Ellis, Staff Writer 

"Only my faith can undo/
The many chances I blew/
To bring my life to anew/
Clear blue and unconditional skies/
Have dried the tears from my eyes"

– Shenequa Golding, Editor

"The Block Party" - Left Eye

"There's something cooking in the pot/
About to hit the spot/
Boombox, play me some of that hip hop"
– Camille Augustin, Staff Writer

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Gucci Mane, XXXTentacion, & More Friday Releases You Need To Hear

Another week, another list of Friday music releases. The week's of 2018 are dwindling, but there is a little more time left for some last-minute music releases. From Gucci Mane, to XXXTentacion, and Ice Cube, here are the albums and singles that you need to hear.

Gucci Mane – Evil Genius

Gucci Mane's 13th studio album is here. The rapper dropped his new project, Evil Genius, featuring an all-star list of talent, including, Quavo, Kevin Gates, Lil Skies and 21 Savage. The LP also features production by Metro Boomin, Murda Beatz and Southside.

The latest music drop marks the perfect finish to an eventful year for Guwop. He previously dropped DropTopWop, Mr. Davis, and El Gato The Human Glacier this year. Even so, the rapper suggested that he wants to make a bang with Evil Genius.

"I think this time, this album was like the first time I kind of had more fun making the records," he said during an interview with Beats 1. "With the intentions of just going in the studio and just had fun and this is what came out. But before, I was kind of going and expressing myself, talking through the mic, like I had a lot of my chest. This album was like, let's find the best beat, make the best song and put it out."

XXXTentacion – Skins

In celebration of XXXTentacion's posthumous album, Skins, his estate and friends through a livestreamed event at 9p.m. EST, featuring Trippie Redd, PnB Rock, Ski Mask the Slump God, Matt Ox and more.

There has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding the late rapper's new release. It's his first since his death in June 2018. The album features only one guest appearance from Kanye West. On the track, which is entitled "On Minute," Ye reportedly addressed abuse allegations brought against X. In support of the album, Kanye also released a Yeezy capsule collection, commemorating their single.

Since X's death he has been regarded as a young legend, gone too soon. His sophomore album ?  peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Listen to Skins below.

Ice Cube – Everythang's Corrupt

Ice Cube is make with Everythang's Corrupt. The album's only feature is OG rapper Too $hort.

Cube already got fan excited after released the one of the LP's single "Arrest the President." The track takes aim at President Trump's corruption and racist policies. The album's cover art features Cube holding a 100-dollar bill in his bloodied hands.

Everythang's Corrupt is Cube's tenth studio album and his first in eight years. It's a follow-up to 2010's I Am the West.

Sneakk Ft. YG & Tyga – "Spray"

New artist Sneak has joind forces with YG and Tyga to bring their new banger "Spray." It's Sneakk's first track released through Def Jam. The single definitely sounds like the new stripper anthem or the perfect track to ride down the block to.

Ahead of the single's release, the rapper's shared a teaser on social media featuring a behind the scenes look at their music video.

Michelle Williams – "Fearless"

Michelle Williams is back. The songstress – best known as a member of the popular girls group Destiny's Child – recently dropped a new solo record entitled "Fearless."

The pop record is an inspirational anthem, encouraging fans to face their fears and chase their dreams. This is a huge moment for Williams, as it is her first single in nearly four years. It also follows an overwhelming year for the singer, who got engaged in Apr. 2018, as well as publicly revealed her battle with depression and mental illness.

Listen to the new track below.

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Premiere: Fuego And A. Chal Take Over The Strip Club In "Dancin" Music Video

Dominican trap artist Fuego has created an ode to the art of stripping with his new single “Dancin,” featuring producer and R&B extraordinaire A. Chal. The visuals for the track are laced with bright blue club lights and brief salacious interludes of voluptuous young ladies dancing provocatively.

The two are seemingly in a never-ending party in efforts to promote strip club etiquette through their tantalizing lyrics. There's no denying that Fuego's sound is reminiscent of today's prominent trap artists like Migos and Future, but he packs in a Latino flair, like his contemporaries Bad Bunny and El Alfa. The Washington D.C. native's sound is similar, but it's worth noting he's been on the scene for a while, steadily etching his mark as his musical prowess rises within hip-hop and Latin audiences.

“For some reason, I've always wanted to do a sound that American hip-hop has, and then break that my way,” he tells VIBE. “When it comes to putting stuff together and making fusions of music, I've done it all my life. When I first started out, I did reggae beats, but I was rapping over them. There’s a little more urban, hip-hop sound in the Latin community. Before, it was mad reggae. It either had to be a tropical type song or reggaeton song. I've always wanted to come out with hip-hop music."

Watch the video for "Dancin" below.

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Noname Tells A Tale Of Black Boy Plight In 'Blaxploitation' Visual

Noname's first music video is better than expected as the artist takes on the topics of dangerous implicit biases toward young men of color.

On Tuesday (Dec. 4), the Chicago rapper/poet released "Blaxploitation," a standout from her critically acclaimed album, Room 25. Directed by Alex Lill (Sampha, Joey Bada$$,  Lil Yachty) and written by Noname, the short film includes homages to Blaxploitation films of the 70s through its the style of multiple frames at once as a toddler wrecks havoc on a small-scale version of Chicago.

The music video gives the metaphorical message of how the black boy is criminalized from the beginning of his life. Even in the joy of imagination, his existence is subjected to a criminal or as the townspeople deem him: a monster baby.

The 27-year-old singer will continue riding high off the critically and streaming success of her debut album Room 25 as she will embark on a 37-city trek across the country and Canada.

The Room 25 tour kicks off in Detriot on Jan. 2nd. Dates can be found here.

READ MORE: Noname To Replace ‘Room 25’ Album Art After Designer Abuse Accusations

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