Sevyn Streeter Doesn’t Think ‘No’ Is A Fair Option When Your Man Wants Sex

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Sevyn Streeter stopped by The Breakfast Club a few days ago to chop it up with the team about relationships, fans and what’s it like working with and for C. Breezy.

Ms. Streeter touched on her ex (who coincidentally is also in the music industry) and explained how she left that relationship because he made everything else a priority but her.

“He went hard for everything except me,” she said. However, she was all smiles when discussing her current beau, B.o.B, and her theory of never saying “no” in relationships, especially when it comes to sex.

“I think when you commit to somebody, and you take them off the market, right, I don’t think you should ever say no,” she said. “I’m talking about if you’re tired or somebody’s like ‘I’m tired.’ No, because at the end of the day you took that person off of the market. They can’t go and be with someone else because they’re with you. So, don’t you ever say no.”

Aside from grilling her about relationship priorities, Charlamagne Tha God brought up Sevyn’s mini hangouts and spa days with fans. The “Don’t Kill The Fun” singer makes it her mission to get to know and have genuine connections with fans. She confessed that one fan did scared her a little after she couldn’t get into a concert and ranted on Twitter about being escorted off the site.

Sevyn is promoting her latest single “Don’t Kill The Fun” featuring Chris Brown and her album, On The Verge. She spoke to The Club about working with Chris and how she appreciates being under his wing, vividly recalling when she was first told to stay away from him.

Alongside working on her current album and promoting her latest track, Streeter was also on the Furious 7 soundtrack and says she loves the franchise, but this film is especially special because (obviously number seven) and the death of Paul Walker.

Watch the whole interview below.

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