Tahj Mowry Wants To ‘Flirt’ With You (Video)


Tahj Mowry has already taken over the acting realm of the entertainment industry, and now has his eyes set on conquering the music world too.

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The multitalented 28-year-old has delivered a captivating visual to his debut single “Flirt,” in which he recently dished to VIBE:

“I think anybody can be a good flirt if you’re confident in what you’re flirting about. It’s all about being yourself. If you’re funny, be funny. If you’re quirky, be quirky. You’ll get that special somebody–just keep flirting. With [apps] like Tinder, you lose all the fun of going out and flirting, and the song is all about “liquid courage” and how sometimes alcohol can make it a little bit easier.”

Above, peep Tahj’s dance moves, dope outfit changes, and finesse game.


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