Get Schooled On Social Media With Tallia Storm’s ‘Social Security’

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Tallia Storm knows a thing or two about proper social media protocol. Whether it’s when and how to place a hashtag or like an Instagram flick, she’s got the social networking thing on smash.

In her debut single “Social Security” off her four track #SocialSecurity EP, which is due on May 10, she attempts to educate us on our social media mishaps.

Over an infectious beat reminiscent of Kylie Minouge’s disco style dance tracks Tallia chants, “Don’t beg for a re-tweet/Don’t beg for a follow/like follow tweet tweet/It’s not always time.”

The 16-year-old Scottish-bred singer has been making waves across the pond since Elton John’s partner discovered her in a hotel restaurant in 2012 at just 13-years-old. And with co-signs from Sir Elton John himself and the likes of Drake, Tallia’s future seems pretty promising.

Take a listen to “Social Security” below and you can also pre-order her full #SocialSecurity EP.