Vapes For Dummies: Things To Know Before You Blow


Jason Barrett is your vaporizer pusher. As CEO of QuickDraw, a company that boasts a new, innovative pen built for every kind of puffer, allow Barrett to serve as your tour guide through the wonderful world of vapor. Are you used to blunt wraps, papers or bongs and looking to try something new? He’s making like Sway and giving your the answers. Welcome to “Vapes For Dummies.”

“When you vaporize, you’re heating up [materials] and getting all of the active chemicals, like cannabinoids and THC,” he tells VIBE for our “Weed Week” crash course. “You’re also getting the flavor chemicals, which is what the actual flavor of the herb is, not a burned thing, and certainly not a burned thing plus burned paper.”

Just copped your first vape pen? Here are three things you should note:

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“There are forums on media outlets like Reddit,” Barrett said. “There’s a website callled, there are a lot of different place people communicate about vaporizers and what their techniques are, what their reviews of products are, the materials that they like to use.”

Speaking of materials, you are what you vape. Explore the possibilities:



Barrett’s QuickDraw 300-DLX is specially designed to burn dry herb, liquid extracts and wax or crystal concentrates. For a quick lesson in the vape pen anatomy, he breaks down his product.

While some components may vary, here’s a look at the parts of a vaporizer you should know:


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When the smoke clears, the vape community is not without its own struggles, however. With legislators going to bat over whether the pens should be allowed in public areas, Barrett says the key to finding balance is the availability of accurate information.

“There’s an undercurrent of misinformation – deliberate misinformation. And that is disheartening, but to some degree that’s politics, and to some degree that’s people being afraid of what they don’t know,” he said. “I think the vaporization community and companies that are in that industry really are keen to opening up the books and show what the truth about vapor is.”

So know before you blow.  – Iyana Robertson

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