VIBE Presents: Weed Week 2015


It’s officially the Marijuana smoker’s holiday known as 4/20. For as long as Stoners can remember (which probably isn’t that long), pot enthusiasts from everywhere have used April 20th as an excuse to indulge in the green leaf more than usual. Though weedheads like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson pretty much celebrate the holiday every day of the year, the average bud consumer can light one up today without feeling guilty.

For those new to the weed scene, VIBE is exploring 420 culture all week long with exclusive content that’ll help any novice smoker get acquainted with Cannabis. We have custom pot-friendly playlists, commentary from pot loving artists, a pothead guide’s to New York City, coverage from the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Denver and more.

(Disclaimer: VIBE does not not condone or promote the use of Marijuana for persons under 18)

Graphic Credit: Epiphany Cole

VIBE’s Weed Week Content