VIBE Weed Week: 20 Life Questions Stoners Ask Themselves When High


Stoners never run out of burning questions. While puff-puff-passing, Mary Jane often sparks the most heated debates about life and the status quo. In honor of VIBE’s Weed Week, we collected genuine inquiries from active 4/20 participants that made the cypher complete.

1. “Where is my lighter?”


2. “Pepsi or Coke?”


3. “How did I get here?”


4. “How much weed does Snoop Dogg actually smoke?”


5. “Why don’t ‘baked’ and ‘naked’ sound the same?”


6. “Is it weird to bless yourself after you sneeze?”


7. “Why is Mother Nature so petty?”


8. “What if my parents smoked?”


9. “Will I remember this tomorrow?”


10. “Why am I overcomplicating my life?”


11. “Why is high sex so good?”


12. “Why don’t men wear engagement rings?”


13. “Want to roll another one?”


14. “Can you imagine being crushed by an elephant?”


15. “What would life in another decade be like?”


16. “Am I where I want to be?”


17. “Why are farts called ‘farts’?”


18. “Will our kids be smoking weed when it’s legal?”


19. “What if I’m single forever?”


20. “What the hell am I gonna eat?”

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Photo Credit: VIBE/Stacy-Ann Ellis