Yelawolf Thanks A Higher Power On ‘Best Friend’ Featuring Eminem


Yelawolf has been through it all and attributes his survival to a higher power, which the Alabama emcee calls his “Best Friend.”

Teaming up with Eminem, Yela digs deep and admits while never been a church going man, despite growing up in the Bible belt of America, he’s survived his version of the last days and knows it wasn’t by luck. The tatted up emcee forgoes his usually spitfire lyrics and opts to sing his verse.

Right before the WillPower produced track comes to an end, Eminem comes in and does what he does best. While never apologizing for his lyrics, the Detroit native also merits his success to surrounding himself with men who aren’t afraid to tell him the truth.

Spin Yelawolf’s latest below. His forthcoming album Lovestory drops April 21