About Bruce E Special
About Bruce E Special

12 Things We Learned From E!'s 'About Bruce' Special

E!'s 'About Bruce' brought a lot of things to the light.

Though widely well-received, Bruce Jenner's sit-down with Diane Sawyer left the masses wondering how his family felt about the news of his transition. On Sunday night (May 17) we got our answers in the E! special About Bruce. In a nutshell, his kids are supportive, but are also concerned and (at times) saddened by the situation.

But that’s not all we learned. Here is a list of things we acquired from the two-part, doc-style episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. From secretive plastic surgeries to perfectly painted toe nails, you’ll be surprised at what lied beneath Bruce Jenner all this time. – Richy Rosario and Iyana Robertson

1. Before his children knew – or really noticed for that matter — Bruce had a couple of procedures done.
He got a nose job and lip lift done within the last year. Khloe and the rest of the girls instantly realized that Jenner's transition was pre-meditated, as evident by how cautious one has to be when going under the knife.

2. Kendall recalled seeing her dad dressed as a woman.
One night, at four in the morning, but to his luck he didn’t see her. Initially, Kendall and Kylie thought he was just creeping because of the make up they would find. "We would find makeup and we thought he was having an affair," Kendall revealed.

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3. Khloe made a contribution to Bruce's new wardrobe: shoes.
Despite Khloe’s somewhat ill feelings towards the recent shock that ensued from finding about her step-dad’s transition, she bought him some shoes. And they are white.

4. Kendall is more protective than anything.
Because Bruce’s transition is so public, Kendall revealed how scared she is about the scrutiny he could face from society.

5. Bruce is nice with the manicures and pedicures.
During a scene where Kim and Bruce where chatting it up, Kim suddenly takes notice of how nice Bruce’s toes are. He then admitted to doing them himself and also doing Khloe’s toes one time for her as well.

6. Khloe and Kendall did get a little angry with Bruce.
It definitely seemed like Kendall and Khloe were dumbfounded when they found out the full truth of Bruce transition plans. The two initially thought he was just cross dressing, and not fully transitioning.

7. Kris took Bruce's choice the hardest.
It’s safe to say we all wondered how Kris was taking the news of Bruce’s transition. She revealed she’s quite sad about it. "I'm not okay. I don't know how to handle this," Kris said. "I want him to be happy but my biggest concern is that you guys are okay,"she continues talking about her children.

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8. Bruce once stole one of Kim’s shirts.
Who better to raid the closet of Bruce Jenner’s “Her” than Kim? While looking through the rack of clothes he’s purchased for his new self, Kim gets a confession from Bruce: he stole one of her shirts a few years ago.

9. “Her” has a "classic" sense of style.
Letting Kim in on a recent outfit choice, Bruce laid out a black blazer, black pants, and a pair of high heel booties. He also pulled out a blush-colored wrap dress that he says fits well.

10. Kourtney was hesitant to explain Bruce to her five-year-old son, Mason.
Kourtney and Scott were trying to find the right way to explain Bruce’s transition to Mason, who – as a therapist pointed out – is more aware than he seems. Until then, they aimed to not speak about “Her” around him, though Scott notes that one day, he will ask where his grandpa went.

11. Bruce has had several outings as “Her.”
While he hasn't made his debut as "Her" to the public, Bruce Jenner has gone to the movies and out to dinner as his new self several times. Khloe also learned that he has spent time in hotel lobbies during appearances as "Her."

12. Kris Jenner attributes the transition to the end of their marriage.
In a tense sit-down between Kris and Bruce, the ex-spouses open up about how the transition affected their marriage. When the former Olympian told his former wife that she was the hardest one to talk to, she replied: "Maybe because I'm the one you've lied to the longest."


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