A$AP Rocky’s 15 Most Honest Lines From ‘A.L.L.A.’


Thankfully A$AP Rocky released his sophomore album At.Long.Last.A$AP earlier than expected. The trippy yet somber sounds, add a new dimension to the Harlem rapper’s musical repertoire. On this project, he truly tapped into his emotions and left his soul on each track.

We all know that A$AP Rocky is not afraid to speak his mind in public or through his music. In a recent interview with Hot97, Rocky explained the Rita Ora lyric controversy, along with many other aspects of the album. But being brutally honest can often bring more criticism than warranted, and Flacko can can take on the heat. He’s a firm believer in speaking from his heart at all times.

Check out 15 lines from ALLA that we thought were Rocky’s most honest.