Meanwhile, Big Bird Kills It While Performing Big Pun’s ‘Still Not A Player’


Sometimes the Internet can be a hodgepodge of negativity. Fight videos go viral and with each click, it seems as if humanity erodes quicker and quicker.

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But then you have moments like this and realize the Internet isn’t that bad after all. According to Slate, YouTube user Benjamin Roberts decided to sync Big Pun’s classic 1998 song “Still Not A Player” featuring Joe with Sesame Street’s Big Bird (who if any of you care to know is MY personal favorite) The outcome? Gold. Pure Gold.

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There’s something oddly hilarious about this tall, flightless yellow bird and his ugly red tie rapping about not being a player (I just crush a lot) that restores all happiness to the world.

The video is a little over a minute long, but it hits the funny bone just right. Watch the hilarity below.