Bobby Shmurda: ‘If I’d Have Signed With Rick Ross Or 50 Cent, They’d Have Come And Got Me’


As Bobby Shmurda remains in jail following his Dec. 17 arrest, the Brooklyn-bred rapper now awaits his June trial date. In a new profile for New York Magazine,  the young GS9 spitter recalls details from his early childhood, including previous arrest, the murders of his friends and a promise he made back in 2012 that he would never be behind bars again. Holding on to his proclamation of innocence, Bobby discussed being a target of the NYPD.

“I’m innocent,” he said. “I’ll explain it to all of them. I’m just a young black kid coming from a nasty neighborhood. I made it out, and a lot of people don’t want to see that.”

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With a $2 million bail and charges that include conspiracy to commit murder hanging over his head, Bobby compared the whopping total to that of “people with ten murders that got $500,000.” He also recalled being taunted for his music in the police station. Remaining critical of his label, Epic Records, Bobby also reiterated that he wanted to sever ties with the imprint.

“Epic is telling me it’s not because of them, it’s ’cause of Sony,” he said. “But I don’t know. I felt like if I’d have signed with Rick Ross or signed to 50 Cent, they’d have come and got me. They’d understand me more.”

Chalking up the metaphorical target on his head to his neighborhood, Bobby maintained that his GS9 team is no gang. He also detailed other offers that await him in the pipeline upon his release.

“I get letters in here from people with clothing lines, they telling me when I come out they’ve got a bunch of clothes for me,” he says. “Yesterday I got a letter from a movie director. He said he wanted to shoot a movie of my life.”

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