Chinx Laid To Rest In New York City Funeral


VIBE Editor-in-Chief Datwon Thomas paints the scene from Chinx’s funeral in Queens, New York

A week after Coke Boyz affiliate Chinx (born Lionel Pickens) was gunned down in his native Queens, family and friends close to the rapper have gathered to pay their respects at his wake and funeral in Jamaica, New York.

Here, VIBE’s EIC, Datwon Thomas, gives live updates from Greater Allen Cathedral of New York as Chinx is laid to rest.

Somber mood as they have pictures of a smiling Chinx rotate on the church’s big screens.

So many people came to pay respect to the young man. Some in suits, others in T-shirt and jeans…but all in favor of condolences for a fallen star.

Prominent street figures are in attendance.

His son is now looking down on his casket…seriously heart pulling scene.

The family is in union as they grieve.

Soft guitar-lead music plays as the soundtrack.

People are still pouring in as the funeral time was supposed to start at noon.

Photo after photo is shown and you have to realize Chinx’s uncanny resemblance to Harlem’s Cam’ron

The wake portion has concluded and they are now transitioning to the funeral.

The comfort prayer is being spokenL “After sorrow, God, you will give us joy.”

Solo song “Never Would Have Made It” sung by Bishop William Whitaker

His strong opening lines shocked the revelers. Powerful tone and texture. So soulful.

Family remarks are next.

First is Chinx’s manager, Doug Ellison. His voice is light and haze filled. He expresses how hard this week has been to sit with his family. He mentions Chinx’s unrelentless work ethic. That’s what has gotten Doug through the week. He tells Chinx’s mom and wife he is there for them… always. Breaks down. “His goal and his intention was to leave a mark. And he’s done that,” he said.

Seems like his aunt has stepped up. They took a husband, a grandson, a father, an uncle, a nephew and a friend.

Norman Seabrook, President of the NYC Corrections Department, was Chinx’s cousin. Older gentleman with salt and pepper hair. [Says] How good of a guy Chinx was. Mentions Chinx’ son asking when is his dad gonna wake up and come home? He said he’s sleeping now “but you’ll see him again.”

He makes everyone stand for Chinx and say, “We are better than this.”

Aida Velazquez, Chinx’ cousin, says he’s a shining star. Protected his family from this crazy life. His smile always showed his dimple.

Marilyn Mungin, Chinx’ aunt, reads his obit. Her voice is sweet and loving as she reads.

The song “I Won’t Complain” is now sung by Bishop William Whitaker. Just as soul-stirring as his first selection.

Juelz Santana just entered my row.

The Bishop is making the song cry… Claps and more claps are given for this performance.

The Eulogy is now by the Rev. Dollene Palmer of Brotherhood Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY: “Giving honor to our soon coming King.”

Vado of Harlem just made it in. Grath, Skyzoo, Mysonne, French all were here/

The theme is “The Perfect Home.” Making the difference between the home of God and the home we try to make “down here.”
“We are always attacked by sin.”
“But in the perfect home up there, there is no sin.”
“There is no death in the perfect home.”
“We are never content down here…but we are in the perfect home.”

Closing prayer…
“God we are praying for justice to be done.”

The Lord’s Prayer was said together by the whole church

See photos from the service above.