DΔWN (Formerly Known As Dawn Richard) Speaks Out With ‘Genocide’


D?WN continues to break the alternative R&B mold, and after the release of “Projection” and “Calypso” this year, the groundbreaking songstress steps away from her BlackHeart LP to voice her thoughts on the recent issues in America.

Over an eclectic and eccentric sound, the Danity Kane/Dirty Money singer wants you to know “this shit ain’t right,” and drops a message with meaning to go along with her melodic rhythm.

“The world is on fire. In light of the absurd amount of deaths and riots happening, it felt only natural to stand and say this is enough. Watching the appalling things said by Fox News, Donald Trump, and multiple others with social power, I feel the need to riot and protest in my own way. I immediately went to the studio to voice my frustrations. This isn’t a single. This isn’t meant to be mainstream. It’s meant to make people stand. To make them feel. To make them go out and peaceful rally together for change. This is the new Genocide and I won’t stand by and say nothing anymore.”

Press play on Miss Richard’s latest sound below.