Principal Daddy Yankee Challenges High School Students To Dream Big


Teenagers are prone to escape the humdrum of high school by ditching class. So when an entire student body decides to roll up its collective sleeves and continuously show up to class (on purpose), a merit is in order.

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Non-profit organization Get Schooled celebrated with Providence Career and Technical Academy as national champion in the Get Schooled National Attendance Challenge for boosting their attendance by four percent. In honor of the occasion, reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee was invited to serve as celebrity principal for the day.

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The Puerto Rican artist offered personal facetime with the students, challenging a crowd of young faces to be the best at what they truly love.

“There is nothing more powerful than a young person who dreams big and is determined to do whatever they need to do to make that dream a reality,” said Daddy Yankee. “I am excited to recognize the students in Providence have showed the world that they have the focus required to be successful.”

Watch Principal Daddy Yankee in the video clip below.

Photo Credit: Get Schooled