Forbes Names The 5 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists Of 2015


It’s that time of year again. Forbes presents hip-hop’s wealthiest artists/businessmen. And 2015’s coveted roster includes the likes of: Dr.Dre, 5O Cent, Jay Z, Birdman and Diddy.

There was a lot of talk last year stipulating that Dr.Dre was the wealthiest man in the hip-hop industry when he sold his Beats By Dre headphone empire to Apple for a whopping $3 billion. After taxes however, the mogul rounded up a $700 million dollar net worth—making Diddy the richest man in hip-hop with a cool $735 million in his bank account.

With a slew of business ventures including: clothing lines Enyce and Sean John, multimedia network Revolt, alkaline water brand AQUAhydrate and a new tequila called DeLeon, it’s no surprise Mr. Combs took all the cake home this year.

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“Sean has been aggressive in being sure that we put the power of the platform in the hands of musicians to be able to create with fans in their authentic voice,” said Revolt’s chief executive Keith Clinkscales.“Revolt got built out of the frustration Sean was having with music media being able to get his albums out there.”

Next in line comes none other than Jay Z, with $550 million in his wallet, who recently purchased the music streaming service TIDAL in efforts to change the way the public consumes music; similar to Spotify.

“It’s alerting people that streaming is a viable option for them to listen to music,” said Jay Frank, chief of digital marketing outfit DigMark, of TIDAL.“The more that we have positive conversations on that, the more opposition we have to grow the business.”

Last but not least, Birdman and 50 Cent finish off the list, raking in a nice $155 million and $150 million respectively. It seems like 50 Cent is still basking in the $100 million dollar sale he made in 2007 when he sold Vitaminwater. He’s also invested in different ventures such as SMS Headphones, (in a joint venture with Derek Jeter, NBA star Carmelo Anthony and Mathias Ingvarsson, founder of mattress brand Tempur-Pedic), Effen vodka and Frigo underwear.

We wonder who will make it to the billionaire mark. It’s a stiff competition between Dre and Diddy though. – Richy Rosario