Ja Rule Heads To Fox Business To Talk New Credit Card Venture, Baltimore And Jeb Bush


We’re going to need Ja Rule to pick up the phone and call up 2 Chainz or Richard Sherman and get coached on how to respond to questions from news reporters. Ja Rule appeared on Fox News to promote his latest business venture, the Magnesis credit card. We’re assuming it’s a “safer” credit card targeting millennials, however Ja Rule didn’t do so hot explaining that.

Between his stutters and awkward pauses, we can’t tell if its from his nerves getting to him or being uninformed on the product itself. When the anchorwoman asked Ja why he chose to be the grand ambassador for this particular product, he somehow (but not really) tied hip-hop into his answer.

“It’s a very unique situation,” he begins, “whenever you can marry the affluent with the less fortunate, you get the birth child, which is called hip-hop.” The anchorwoman was quick to correct him, saying “But this isn’t hip-hop, this is a credit card,” but Ja continued to attempt to link hip-hop with the importance of financial stability for the millennial generation. It didn’t work out in his favor.

Skipping over the credit card information (because she saw she was getting nowhere), she asked the former Murder Inc. crewmember of his thoughts on Baltimore and the 2016 Presidential election. Aside from his interesting political picks, these answers were more on the money.

On Baltimore:
“I think it’s a sad situation, what’s going on in Baltimore. It’s not just Baltimore; I think it goes on throughout the country. You know, what’s going on in our urban areas with the police, I think … somebody needs to be the peacemaker, to bring it all together, to make things better on that front. I don’t know who’s the guy to do it, or who’s going to step up and be our leader so to speak. As long as we keep marching peacefully, I think that’s the best way to get our point across.”

On the 2016 Presidential Election:
“I like Hillary. But, you know, it’s crazy because I also think Jeb is a good candidate, as well. But you know, I’m a Democrat.”

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