Here’s What A World Without White People Looks Like, According To Key & Peele


If you have never booked a ticket to Negrotown, allow comedy tag team Key & Peele to walk you through the oasis for black people in their latest Comedy Central skit.

Here, you can find:
-No street harassment, racism and frisking
-Cabs that stop
-No trigger-happy cops or scared cashiers
-No application gets turned down
-A plethora of dark-skinned and light-skinned black men (and “no white bitches to take them away”)
-No diseases
-No white people jocking the culture and claiming it’s theirs
-No one trying to make you the token black friend

With race issues penetrating politics (the Baltimore Riots, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner), music and Hollywood, the skit offers an opportunity to laugh at what’s real, even in dark times.

Watch the vibrant sketch below.

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