Lil Kim Wants To Give Reality TV ‘A Black Kardashian,’ Announces New Show

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Lil Kim believes the world needs a “black Kardashian.”

In a teaser for her new reality show, The Queen Bee, the pint-sized Brooklyn femcee details what viewers can expected to see in the upcoming series. From working with Diddy on her new album, to launching a clothing line, to her motherly duties, Lil Kim is taking fans behind-the-scenes of her busy life.

“Everyone knows Lil’ Kim for being fabulous. My friends say that I’m hilarious. The new album, I’m pulling out all the stops. Puffy is back in my life. I’m getting ready to re-launch the new label. I’m recording and making bottles at the same time, changing diapers. It takes a lot, Lil’ Kim is a big brand.”

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In the minute-and-a-half long clip, Kim also details that one time a house guest stole a chinchilla fur gifted to her from Diddy, as well as name drops other famous friends like Marc Jacobs, Wyclef Jean and Alexander McQueen. This will mark the rapper’s return to reality TV since she documented the days leading up to her prison sentence in 2005 with BET’s Countdown To Lockdown.

Will you be keeping up with Lil Kim? Watch her reality show announcement in the video above.