Mila and BC Kingdom Have The Summer’s Love Soundtrack, ‘Press Play’


Mila — formerly Mila J — Logan and Lou, collectively known as BC Kingdom, have joined forces to create this summer’s love soundtrack titled Press Start.

The 6-track EP blends decorated yet lucid backdrops over flowery but simple wordplay which blends together making for a solid body of music. They tackle topics of intimacy, love and heartbreak and more.

“This has been a fun and liberating experience. I was able to tap into a deeper, darker side of myself that I’ve been wanting the world to see and hear, ” Mila said. “BC KINGDOM understood where I wanted to go sonically and the chemistry with them was undeniable. We blended so well with one another. Expect more from this musical marriage.”

“Press Start is just the beginning for us We had an amazing time recording these songs with Mila; we experimented with so much music and so many different sounds. It is truly the perfect mesh of both of our worlds. We always wanted to work with a female artist and being LA natives, we knew MILA was the perfect fit. Her voice and tone are so distinct that it added another dimension to the songs. This is the perfect up-and-down love story soundtrack for the summer.”

Click play below.