Hot Mama: 18 Stars That Make Motherhood Look Sexy


Many women can agree that motherhood is not easy, but we can definitely agree that these women make it look easy. From messy food, play dates and “bring your child to work” day, these moms prove to be strong, hardworking and most of all sexy. Motherhood has never looked so good.

“It’s a lot of work and balancing what we do,” Solange said during an interview about motherhood.

Imagine the balance between singing, acting, rehearsals, busy schedules and making sure your children are still number one at the end of the day. “I’m really blessed because my daughter gets to be with me a lot, so that’s really fun and wonderful,” Kerry Washington said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “She brings a lot of joy wherever she is.”

And then you have those mothers who make sure to teach their children the important values of the world because the world is always changing. “I did not teach my kids to be liked, I taught them to always live by their truth and to always respect others and to always reach to be respected,” Jada Pinkett Smith said in an interview with Sway. “ At the end of the day, my kids have the confidence to be who they are and that is all, as a parent, Will and I can ask of them because that is where their power and their strength will come from.”

The bottom line is that from Kim Kardashian-West’s makeup dates with North to Alicia Keys adding a new King to the Dean family, these super-celeb-moms have worn that “S” on their chest proudly and should be celebrated for doing it so effortlessly. Happy Mother’s Day to you beauties.

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