The Tech Tea: Brew Your Own Beer With Picobrew


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The thirst for craft beer is real—especially at home. Now, Picobrew Zymatic, a sleek beer-brewing machine is here to make your brew dreams come true.

After being the second most successful Kickstarter Food campaign (founders, former Microsoft VP Bill Mitchell, food chemist Jim Mitchell, and engineer Avi Geiger made their goal in less than 24 hours), Picobrew allows beer drinkers to craft their own batch and tweak the flavors to their liking.

According to a 2013 report from the American Homebrewers Association, there are 1.2 million home brewers in the United States. While brewing beer hasn’t gone as viral as Keurigs and coffee/tea, the Picobrew is an attractive choice for the beer drinker with selective taste buds. Also, how many folks can say they make their own beer at home? We’ll wait.

Here’s the low-down on the Picobrew:
• Able to connect via Wifi or Ethernet to Picobrew’s online service with an expanding list of recipes
• Brew your favorite beer consistently, as many times as you want (Pro Tip: Drink responsibly)
• Supports all-grain and mini-mash brewing up to 2.5 gallons
• Activated with a push of a button

The Picobrew Zymatic reads simple on paper but isn’t daunting IRL—think a slightly large microwave with a tank. Just enter or select a recipe on the Web console, load up the ingredients (grains, hops, flavor additives) then play the waiting game for an average of four hours. It gets a little more complex when you cool the brewed batch but all that’s left is adding the yeast and letting the libation ferment till you’re ready to pour up.

Get more familiar with Picobrew in the video below and its official site here.

Photo Credit: Picobrew