Redman Takes A Look Back At His Classic ‘MTV Cribs’ Episode


When viewers tuned into MTV Cribs, they were given a kind of access they normally wouldn’t be privy to. To see the inner layer of some of music’s best musicians was probably the best thing to happen since free nights and weekends.

Yet despite the many luxurious homes showcased, none stood out more than Redman’s Staten Island retreat. As cameras pulled up to his digs, viewers soon realized this would be an experience. While many LOL’d in real life at Redman’s home filled with dirty laundry flung about, a defunct doorbell and a screen door that was missing the screen, many wondered if MTV producers and Redman tried–and succeeded to–pull off one of the best pranks.

Writer Chris Farrone did some digging and contacted everyone involved with one of the best episodes of MTV Cribs to learn there was no set up. What you saw was the truth, however comforting that might be.

“While everybody was trying to show a lavish house, the lavish life of living, that’s not always the case. Not every entertainer’s living lavish,” Redman said to Farrone. “They may have a more lavish set on the street, but it’s still real for a lot of cats out here in the entertainment game. We’re okay, but we’re not rich, and that’s what I wanted to display to my fans… I always try and think about what the ‘hood would say when I do things.”

If you forgot just how “humble” Redman was living, take a look at the clip below.

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