Riley Curry Is The Meme We’ve All Been Waiting For


At two years old, Steph Curry’s pint-sized MVP is already star, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Riley Curry first stole the show at her dad’s Game 1 press conference 10 days ago (May 19) and has been serving up cuteness by his side in the days thereafter.

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From playing peek-a-boo from underneath tablecloths and handing off gum to presser employees to grinning for Game 5 jumbotrons and preaching Big Sean’s blessings, Riley has stamped herself as a the newest it kid (you know, alongside the precious Blue Ivys and North Wests of the world). She’s even accompanied her mom, Ayesha, on her NBC Bay Area cooking show, Cookin’ With The Currys. 

All this fame has turned the little Curry into a household name and thus, instantly meme-able. Of course, the internets capitalized on a picture of an adorably sassy moment and had a field day with it. Check out some of the most chuckle-worthy memes we spotted floating down our timelines.

Photo Credit: Instagram