Spotify Debuts New Features, Goes Neck And Neck With TIDAL


In the world of music streaming services, Spotify and TIDAL have been duking it out for that number one spot. Lately, TIDAL has been winning over skeptics of the multi-celebrity-owned business with subscriber-only B-sides concerts, exclusive (and now viral) music videos and festival ticket giveaways.

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However, after a press conference in New York yesterday (May 20), TIDAL’s biggest competition has leveled the playing field with similar new services that rival some of the features found on the Beyonce-backed streaming service. Spotify’s new features include:

The Pandora-like Now start page that learns the type of music you like to create playlists,

Spotify Running, which curates the best soundtrack to keep tempo with everything from your light jogs to your sprints, as well as a partnership with Nike and their Nike+ app

A healthy assortment of music, video clips and audio shows to choose from

Original Spotify content via Running Originals, radio shows from the likes of Tyler, the Creator and more, as well as Dance Move of the Day produced by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls brand

A hub for entertainment and news consumption in the form of clips from ABC, BBC, Comedy Central, Condé Nast Entertainment, ESPN, Fusion, Maker Studios, NBC, TED and Vice News

Impressive. Spotify’s new features are available right now. Your move, TIDAL.

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